TRANSAM | A collaborative and counselling forum

TRANSAM is a collaborative forum for authorities and public funding agencies directly or indirectly involved in transport research in Sweden.

The main objective for TRANSAM is to help Sweden to achieve the transport policy objectives and the research and industrial policy objectives in the transport sector. Furthermore, TRANSAM shall achieve a cost-effective utilization of R&D resources in transport research and thus an efficient transport system. TRANSAM shall also promote the accelerated development of the transport sector in order to achieve a sustainable transport system.

The collaboration through TRANSAM aims to develop and implement joint priorities and initiatives and to avoid duplication. In this context, dissemination of information both between authorities and against other relevant stakeholders is important.

Below is a more detailed presentation of the activities within TRANSAM.

Collaboration within TRANSAM

In a national and international perspective collaborate so that relevant transport research, innovation and competitive platforms for innovation are established. This is done by:

  • Exchanging information on upcoming, on-going and completed R&D activities related to transport
  • Identify and initiate research and innovation activities
  • Coordinate efforts and calls
  • Transferring experiences, evaluations and dissemination of results
  • Competence development

Collaboration with other actors

Interact with other players and other groups about on-going and upcoming activities. For example, the EU group, the "Forum for innovation within the transport sector", and the "Strategic Vehicle Research and Innovation Initiative" (FFI).

Collection and dissemination of information

Information spreader to public and private actors of aggregate information, such as the extent of transport research, and up-coming and active calls in the transport sector.